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John Judy
City:Camp Sherman
Country:United States
Web Address:

John Judy is a well known, Northwest writer and guide; a leader in the fly fishing community. He comes from a second generation fly fishing family and has been in the forefront of the development of many new and innovative fly fishing techniques. His book Slack Line Strategies is considered by many to be the definitive primer on presentation skills. John does speaking programs, fly fishing seminars and schools around the Northwest.

His guide company John Judy Flyfishing is one of the oldest and best established outfitters on the world famous Deschutes River. The company specializes in extended multi day, drift boat trips through the more remote canyon stretches of this magnificent, wild and scenic river. They fish, depending upon season, for both native trout and steelhead.

More than just a guide and a skilled boatman John likes to consider himself first and foremost a developer, teacher and coach of advanced fly fishing skills. Years ago he helped to popularize the hinged nymphing system that is widely used all over the country today. With it you can convert from a fairly ugly chuck and duck approach to more delicate, lighter weight nymphing method that allows you to probe and feel along the bottom seeking the holding lies and habitat where the fish are hanging.

If you are a dry fly guy John has a whole bag of tricks that will help you to float your delicate imitations down the most complicated current lanes with a perfect, natural, drag free drift.

Then of course there is Spey casting which is the greatest passion of all. John’s boat first started sprouting the big two handed rods back in the day when most folks thought you should be locked up for packing such a thing on the river. He’s been preaching the gospel according to Spey ever since. He has literally taught thousands of people the delights of this artistic, graceful form of fly fishing for Steelhead.

The Spey passion doesnt stop there, in more recent years John has become a strong advocate of single hand Spey, an approach that adapts the casting style used with the big two handed rods to lighter more delicate single hand trout fishing equipment. This technique is gaining in popularity all over the Northwest. It’s so useful and so versatile John predicts in a few years it will be the hot new thing all over the country.

In addition to his skills on the river John has also worked tirelessly to promote better fisheries management. He and a few friends successfully launched a campaign that resulted in the formation of Oregon Trout, the state’s leading wild fish advocacy group. He also spent close to twenty years encouraging Fish and Wildlife to institute a very successful program that ended stocking and brought back the native fish population-- including the threatened and endangered Bull Trout-- on his home river, the Metolius. Quality of fishing on the Metolius and throughout Oregon has been greatly improved as a result of Johns efforts.

John Shewey
Country:United States

Residing in Oregon, John Shewey is a life-long devotee to fly fishing, wingshooting and the outdoors in general. His annual travels take him all over the West and to his favorite haunts from Alaska to Mexico. Having fished for virtually everything the West has to offer - from surf perch at sea level to golden trout at 12,000 feet, John still gravitates towards his favorite summer steelhead streams.

"Summer steelhead" is a broad term in Oregon. Chrome-bright fish enter Oregon's countless coastal streams from July through November, constituting a five-month "summer season." Shewey pursues these magnificent wild fish with his elegant flies, many of which have earned national prominence. John has penned numerous articles for fly fishing magazines and to date has published nine books on fly fishing and one on wingshooting. His titles include Northwest Flyfishing, Trout & Beyond; Flyfishing Northwest Waters; Mastering the Spring Creeks; Oregon Blue Ribbon Fly Fishing; Washington Blue Ribbon Fly Fishing and Fly Fishing for Summer Steelhead (co-authored by Forrest Maxwell).

Dr. Way Yin
Country:United States

"If you look up 'Spey Nut' in the dictionary, you are likely to find Way Yin's picture. Way has been an ardent advocate of Spey casting and fishing not only with two-handed rods, but with single-handed rods as well.

He is a popular fly-casting instructor and demonstrator, and frequently demonstrates casting in the US, Canada, the UK and Europe. He is a FFF Master Instructor and Two-Handed Casting Instructor, and was the first American to be certified as a Master Casting Instructor (in both Trout and Salmon disciplines) by the Association of Advanced Game Angling Professionals (AAPGAI) in the UK.

He supports local and national charities and conservation efforts through his clinics, casting lessons, and proceeds from the acclaimed instructional DVD “Spey to Z”. He frequently teaches clinics in conjunction with local and regional Scott dealers, and also guides for winter steelhead in Northwest Washington.

Way’s detailed input into the design and testing of our new T2H two-handers was invaluable, and has helped to make them the finest series of two-handed rods we’ve ever made.

He is an avid Pacific Northwest steelheader, enjoys the flats of the Florida Keys in pursuit of permit, and also fishes the Northern rivers of the Kola peninsula for early season Atlantic salmon. His favorite rods for Spey fishing include the A3 1008-4, the A3 1409-3, the S4 956-4, the T2H 1357-4, 1458-4 and 1610-4.

Tyler Palmerton
Country:United States
I'm a native of Southern Oregon and the mighty Rogue River. I packed my bags and headed west for Montana after high school. I started guiding thereafter in and amongst the states of Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Montana, all the while maintaining my youthful exuberance and passion for the sport.

I've had careers as a retail manager, head guide, manufacturer's rep, and professional fly tier for Solitude, Inc.

I prefer chasing wild cock birds with my elhew pointer, searching for sea lice chromers and the loudest raunchiest PBR guzzling establishments I can stumble upon proudly displaying my "Scott" lid...
Kevin Peterson
City:Mammoth Lakes
Country:United States
Web Address:

Kevin was born in Laramie Wyoming in 1957. At the age of three, he and his family moved to Fort Collins, Colorado where he began to develop his love for the outdoors. His father, who had worked for the Wyoming Department of Game and Fish and as a hunting and fishing guide, taught him to fish and hunt at a very early age. He quickly figured out that fly fishing was something that he truly loved to do!! Any free moment would find Kevin at The Thompson or The Poudre Rivers.
At age 9, Kevin and his family moved to Costa Rica. His parents were involved with a land development project on the Pacific coast, where he spent all of his summers and most weekends. Kevin learned to surf and apply his love for fly fishing to the saltwater. After graduating from Costa Rica Academy in 1974, Kevin moved to Houston, Texas where he spent any free time on Galveston bay fishing for speckled trout and redfish. Finding that the big city was not for him, in 1977, he moved to Santa Barbara California. Even though he found the area beautiful and the fishing and scuba diving great, it was still a little too big. Since many weekends found Kevin driving to Mammoth to ski, hunt or fish, he moved there in 1982.
After managing a glass shop in town and fishing every weekend for almost ten years, Kevin was offered a job working part time and guiding for Fred Rowe at The Sierra Bright Dot fly shop. Part time became full time and in 1986 he was offered a partnership in The Eastside Guide Service at the newly opened Trout Fly. He also enjoyed guiding for 6 years in the spring and fall of each year for Clearwater house on Hat Creek until he became too busy guiding at home. Eighteen years later, Kevin is lead guide of both The Trout fly and The Trout fitter in Mammoth Lakes Ca. He is an F.F.F. certified casting instructor and has been featured in 4 television fishing shows on Inside Sport Fishing for Fox Sports.
His love for the sport continues to grow. Kevin is extremely involved in the stream conservation effort in the Eastern Sierras and continues to work very closely with Cal Trout insuring the quality of the trout habitat in his area. Kevin was instrumental in getting the Upper Owens River special regulations re-instated, protecting the spawning fish in that river. He loves to teach, especially new fly fishers and even show some of the old dogs a new trick or two! Kevin loves to travel to The Bahamas to chase Bonefish, Florida for Tarpon or back to Costa Rica for Sailfish, Dorado and Tuna! You might find him on a Steelhead river in Oregon or a duck blind with his black Lab Tule. He could be found chasing wild turkeys near Paso Robles or on Mammoth Mountain snowboarding with his wife Lisa. You could even find him behind the counter at one of the two shops, but one thing is for sure, you won’t find him on the couch!!

Eric Sherar
City:San Luis Obisbo
Country:United States

Hey thanks for stopping by. I've been on the Scott pro staff team for a couple of years now, and I still cannot believe I get to be a part of such a great team. I feel very privileged to be part of the family.

This pro staff team is set up for you the customer to use. How?

Well if you have a question about fly-fishing in the surf, or need a question answered about your casting, or have a question about the rods, please give me a call or Email me. If I don't know the answer, I will do my best to get you a real answer to your question.

If you are on the west coast and go to the sport shows please stop by the Scott booth and say hi. I would love to go out and cast a line with you. We can work on our casting and test all the bitchin Scott rods.

Please, if you're new to Scott let me show you why I believe that there is no other rod to have than a Scott rod. If you are a old Scott fan please let me know, I would love to cast with you and hear about the fish you have caught using your Scott rods.

Well I guess I should get on with the biography stuff (I hate this part). Oh well, here goes... This is my 20th year fly-fishing. I'm 43.

I have been teaching fly-fishing and fly casting for ten years. I am certified as a FFF Master Casting Instructor and teach all over California. I teach beginning fly-fishing, Fly-casting, Fly-fishing in the surf and a bunch of other clinics.

Rich Culver
Country:United States
Richard Culver makes his home in Juneau, Alaska, and specializes in fishing the coastline of Southeast Alaska. The rivers Richard guides are among the finest coldwater fisheries on earth. Five species of salmon and steelhead travel these rivers, with populations of char and trout trailing close behind. Richard also fishes and guides the saltwater bays of Juneau and the surrounding area for silver salmon in the fall time. He offers his clients the unique opportunity to catch large silvers (fish exceeding 15 pounds are common), before they enter the rivers. Richard also offers Mother Ship trips aboard an 87 foot luxury vessel throughout the outer coast of Southeast Alaska. These unique trips allow anglers to fish many different rivers during the course of a week, exploring coves and estuaries with a fleet of Zodiaks.

Culver is a long time Scott fisherman and has worked closely with rod designer Jim Bartschi to perfect his favorite rod line, the Scott T2H steelhead and salmon series. Richard has also been experimenting with the Scott S4 models, and recommends the S4958/4 for anglers who prefer a faster action fly rod.

Richard guides from May through September and spends the dark winter writing instructional articles for many of the popular fly fishing magazines.
Gifford Maytham
Country:United States
Gifford Maytham began his career in the flyfishing industry back in Vermont as a flycasting instructor and guide on the historic Battenkill river. It has taken 13 years, but we finally have coaxed most of the easterner out of him.

Giff does floats on the Roaring Fork and Colorado Rivers as well as being one of the Taylor Creek flyshop, Basalt resident experts on fishing the Fryingpan river below and above Ruedi Reservoir. In a past life he guided for Frying Pan River Ranch and for Elk Creek Lodge with Mustang Ted Relihan and Pup Chad Luce on the White river up near Meeker.
Giff competed in the Outdoor Life Network Fly Fishing Masters 2004 Competition. He and his partner Frank Smethurst won the whole shootin match!

Giff lives year round in Basalt with his wife and two boys. His four year old, Chace, has already mastered casting his A3 804 with fifteen feet of line over the fence and into his sandbox.

Having the Fryingpan river in your backyard allows the boys to get an early start on their flyfishing careers. I can't wait until he is old enough to row.

I really find that in a competition, the need for a versatile rod is crucial and the Scott S4 fleet has all the power and finesse wrapped up in to one.

Then there was this time on the bow of my favorite Keys guide skiff in the Marquesas looking for the wily Permit. I hear Tarpon two o'clock cast now!

Knowing that I had a STS 10 weight loaded and ready with a crab really made no difference as I placed the fly feet from the 100lb plus
fish and watched the bucket inhale Mr.Crab. Now that's fun stuff! I fought that fish well into the 30 minute mark beating her down and never feeling as if I was under gunned.

Whether I'm fishing the East coast, the Great Lakes, the Golden Triangle of the Rocky Mountains or the tropics, the Scott rod quiver will always be there.
Brent Curtice
Country:United States
I was introduced to the outdoors at an early age. For over twenty years, I have hunted, fished, guided, and studied the mysteries of fishing and hunting all over the western states. I have published articles in major fishing magzines and authored the book "Fly-Fishing for Trophy Trout". My obsession has led me to many IGFA records on a variety of species of trout. As a dedicated teacher and administrator, I have spent over twenty years in public education. I have hosted many TV shows such as: Cabela's Sportsman's Quest, and Cabela's Outfitter Journal. I have been on outdoor shows with Fox Sports, Outdoor Life Network, The Outdoor Channel and ESPN2. I have taught fly fishing seminars, clinics, programs and schools across the west.

My love for the outdoors runs deeper than merely pulling a fish or harvesting an animal. I've fished and hunted from the rivers and tundra of Alaska to the shores of Mexico. My appreciation and respect for wildlife has given me a lifetime of enjoyment. More than a world class fisherman, I am a family man with an enthusiastic and genuine love for people and the development of relationships. I currently reside in western Colorado with my family.
Emmett Heath
City:Dutch John
Country:United States
The fishing world got some great news this spring. Renowned guide and conservationist Emmett Heath is back on the Green after a serious heart operation and lengthy rehabilitation period. Friends and fellow anglers toast his health.

For over 20 years, Emmett has been widely recognized as the keeper of the Green River. As a guide, his knowledge is simply unsurpassed. Emmett's name is synonymous with this world class fishery: he has guided thousands of happy anglers on its waters, pioneered its fly patterns and techniques, and led conservation efforts to protect trout waters throughout the region. Trout may rue his return, but the Green welcomes back a true ally.

Emmett returns to the Green as the manager of a significant new fly shop and guide service. Green River Outfitters is located east of the Flaming Gorge Dam in the small town of Dutch John. Emmett runs the shop, so every visiting angler can pick his brain before and after fishing. He is still guiding some, but most often Emmett will be in the shop talking with fishermen and managing is guide team.

Utah's Green River is among the richest trout streams in North America, offering prolific hatches from early spring through late fall each year. Thirty miles of trout water flow through a geographic transition zone that begins between the sheer canyon wall of the Flaming Gorge (Red Canyon) and emerges in the high desert of northern Utah. The fishing is equally diverse. In a single day the angler might catch fish on single midge dry flies, size 8 Chernobyl Ants, and a host of nymph patterns.

Emmett has developed highly refined preferences for tackle and technique over the years. He fishes Scott G2-Series rods with dry flies for most of the summer, but breaks out Scott 7 & 8-weight saltwater rods for streamer fishing in the fall and early spring.

Call Emmett in advance to schedule guided days for your next trip to the Green. Most importantly, though, stop and say hello. Welcome back, Emmett.
Mustang Ted Relihan
City:Grand Junction
Country:United States
His mother named him Ted, and the exact origin of "Mustang" has thus far eluded us. The explanation of this eccentricity is included in the price of a standard guided trip.

Clients come back to Ted year after year for his personality and knowledge of local trout streams. Ted is also an extremely creative fly tyer, and shows his fishermen unique techniques for catching high country trout throughout the year. From the giant rainbows of the Frying pan to tiny native cutthroat of the White River's tributaries, Ted fishes tremendously diverse trout waters for a variety of wild species. Most of his customers book several days so that Ted can show them more of his favorite honey holes.

For years, Mustang's daily battle rod was the G2 904/4. Then, he discovered the 8' 8" 4-piece G2 rods, and began to fish those religiously. A few years ago he picked up a Scott Fibertouch for the first time, and he swears that the Fibertouch 703/3 has changed the way he fishes. Here in Colorado, we fish small streams with dry flies for wild fish, and Mustang has found the perfect rod for the job.
Scott Sanchez
Country:United States
Scott started fly fishing and fly tying at the age of 12. He grew up in Salt Lake City and tried his self-taught fly fishing skills on the trout of the Wasatch front. Fortunately, these fish were forgiving of novice abilities. At 14 he taught his first fly tying class. He has worked in the fly fishing industry for over twenty years. This includes being assistant manager at Jack Dennis Sports, wholesale manager at Dan Bailey's, tying flies commercially, helping with video and book production for Snake River Books, guiding, consulting work for Dan Bailey's, working at the Austin Angler and being the Texas rep for Scott Rods. Scott is a member of the Scott Rods Pro Staff, Whiting Pro Staff, and is the former fly tying editor for Fly Fisherman Magazine. He writes the fly tying column for American Angler. He has written the first beginner saltwater fly tying book, Introduction to Salt water Fly Tying and has a book of his trout flies, A New Generation of Trout Flies.   A Never Ending Stream, a book on the tiers and flies that have influenced him is upcoming in the near future, it includes biographies and artistic photos of the flies. He is featured in the video Understanding Fly Tying Materials and has done fly tying demonstrations as well as slide shows, fly tying and fly fishing instruction. He has written articles and sold photos to American and Japanese publications, and his flies have been featured in many books and magazines. In 1994, he received Peter Crosby Memorial Sportsmanship Award from the Jackson Hole One Fly. In 2007, he received the Arnold Gingrich Lifetime Achievement Award from the Federation of Fly Fishers. His photos have won regional and national awards. Scott has been the featured guide on many national TV programs. Scott is in demand as a program presenter and instructor for fly fishing clubs around the country. He has been around the One Fly Contest since the beginning and his Double Bunny has won the prestigious event three times. Scott is in demand at One Fly time for his bombproof flies. Many consider him to one of the more innovative tyers. He has over twenty years of experience fishing the Greater Yellowstone area. He has fly fished for numerous species in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, California, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Florida, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, California, the Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Brazil, Belize, and France.

His only criteria for a species is that they are willing to eat a fly. Scott has used Scott Rods since their days in Berkeley.
Captain Chris McCreedy
Country:United States
Chris McCreedy loves guiding clients to fish and great fishing experiences. He loves it so much that he guides the beautiful trout streams of Northwest Montana from his home in Bigfork throughout the summer and fall, and spends winter months, when the streams around the Flathead valley and Bob Marshall wilderness are frozen, guiding clients on the flats of the lower Florida Keys.

Chris floats and wade fishes ten miles of the Swan River for rainbow and cutthroat trout. The Swan is an uninhabited freestone stream with a healthy population of wild trout.

From alpine wilderness to expansive tropical flats, McCreedy loves to help his clients improve their techniques and enjoy a world far away from the everyday hustle and bustle of honking horns, cell phones, and deadlines.

Chris has a genuine passion for fishing and the places and people that come together in pursuit of gamefish. If the hatch of the day starts at 9:00pm, Chris is willing to stay out late to catch it. No grumpy burned out guiding happens in his boats, whether you are drifting along the currents of a Montana trout stream or gliding silently across a turtle grass flat in the Keys.
Captain Dean Burton
Country:United States
I started fly fishing in 1988 at Nols. Fly fishing in the Wind River Range. The first fish on a fly in California was a golden trout.
I began guiding in Jackson Hole in 1995 and in Key West 1999.
World Championship fly fishing 1998 Guided in one fly 1999 – Present.
Blue Planet (Tarpon) 2000.
Helped ESPN Great AM sportsman 2002
Tarpon Bonanza 2002-Present.

I love to fish and guide. I am easy-going but hard working. I like to have fun but I love to have fun and catch fish. The Program is good shots on fish with the right stuff. I enjoy trout fishing and saltwater flats. I guide in Key West March – June. I guide the Jackson Hold July-October. I guide the lower keys, Key West, the Marquesas, and the Jackson hole area.
Mark Lance
Country:United States
Web Address:
Mark caught the fly fishing bug in his teens on the lakes of eastern Texas where bass and perch made up the catch of the day. He has now been fly fishing in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region for over thirty-five years. You will often find him bashing through willows searching for palm size brookies, hiking into the backcountry for timberline trout, or rowing his Hyde down big western rivers for wild trout with his wife Sharon.

His passion for the sport draws him to the water not only to fly fish, but also to photograph the environment, the culture and the great moments of fly fishing. Photography and writing projects take him often to international angling destinations. The mission: bring back on film the vision of fly fishing in places like Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Belize, the Bahamas or Russia.

Mark is a frequent contributor to Northwest Fly Fishing, Southwest Fly Fishing and Eastern Fly Fishing magazines. His photography has also been published in Trout Unlimited's Trout Magazine, Saltwater Fly Fishing, Fly Rod & Reel, and Grays Sporting Journal. The International Game Fish Association, the Scott Fly Rod Company, Hyde Drift Boats, and American Rivers have also published his compelling images.

Mark says of photography and fly fishing, when the fish are rising pickup a fly rod when the light is good pick up a camera.
Cale Van Velkinburgh
Country:United States
Cale started untying tangles at age seven on a small brook trout stream in Frisco, CO. He would sit on the bank, a monofilament-ensnared Royal Wulff in his hands, and look to the sky with tears in his eyes asking God, "Why? Why?" while little trout rose eagerly around him.

Cale still finds himself diligently working on these tangles twenty years later, though he is usually working on them for his clients, and without the tears (though he still blames God). In the mean time he has managed to bum himself around the world chasing fish, amongst other things that are sometimes hard to get (like phone numbers and dates). He even went so far as to enter a fly fishing competition, but blew it when, after a long night of partying, choose to focus more on the attractive female competitors and less on the targets.

He once caught a Marlin on the fly that took him three hours to land and made him vomit over the side of the boat from exhaustion. He blamed God for that too. Though fishing has cost him several relationships, he still loves it, and now lives and works in the trout Mecca of Bozeman, Montana. He is a guide, and loves putting children on whitefish, while undoing their parents' cluster bomb-tangles. This has made him a very patient person. He also works for Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures, as the South American Program Manager, in an office with nothing but fish pictures on the wall where he sets people up for trout chasing escapades across Chile and Argentina. In the winter he skis when it snows, guides in Chile when it doesn't, and writes personal essays that have, on occasion, found their way to print.
Joe Sowerby
Country:United States
Web Address:
Over the last 15 years Joe has guided every major river in Montana as well as many “no-tell-um creeks”. He can be found running the Smith River canyon from May through July, and on his home rivers around Missoula from July through November. After that he will probably be somewhere looking for a lost wading boot in the mud on a grand quest to hear whistling wings.

Joe is one of the premier outfitters on the Smith River, one of Montana’s finest wilderness rivers. Guests enjoy five day camp and float trips through sixty miles of pristine canyon with great food, scenery and wild trout.

Joe also outfits clients on rivers like the Blackfoot, Bitterroot, and Clark Fork. His team of skilled guides, oarsmen, and instructors have the experience and desire to make any Montana fishing trip one to remember for a lifetime.

Joe owns Montana Flyfishing Connection in Missoula, Montana.
Rene Harrop
City:Island Park
Country:United States
Web Address:
Rene' Harrop has been fly fishing the Henry's Fork and the waters around Yellowstone Park for over 50 years. His love and enthusiasm for the sport, people and places fly fishing puts him in touch with can be seen in everything he does.

Rene is a master angler, professional fly tyer, artist, writer, and conservationist.

With 40 years experience as a professional fly tyer, Rene and his family have developed some of the most effective and beautiful trout flies ever tied. His company, House of Harrop sells his hand tied flies and specialty materials.

Rene has written extensively, and recently published, Trout Hunter -The Way of an Angler, and has many DVD and Video titles to his credit.

He is also deeply commited to protecting the health of our cherished trout waters and habitats and is a founding member of both Upper Snake River Fly Fishers and the Henrys Fork Foundation.

Rene is generous with his knowledge and truly enjoys sharing information and experiences with like minded anglers.
Zandy Zechella
City:Wolf Creek
Country:United States
Originally from Athens, Georgia, Zandy Zechella brings his own brand of southern charm to the Rocky Mountains. These days, Zandy is a true Montana Troutlaw and spends his time hunting big, selective brown trout on his local waters, The Missouri River as well as its tributaries, The Sun, The Dearborn and The Smith.

Zandy has been fishing and guiding in Montana since the late 90s. The very first time he fished The Missouri River he was at once addicted to its discerning fish, sophisticated hatch system and gorgeous scenery – a rewarding combination for any angler. Prior to his self-imposed exile to the wild west, he was a guide for four years in Eastern Tennessee on the Hiwassee River. Like the Missouri, the Hiwassee is both a challenging and beautiful tailwater.

Zandy puts his money on the Scott G2. He believes it is without question the perfect rod for the ultimate adrenaline rush…landing a monster tailwater trout on a small dry fly with fine tippet. In slick, skinny water, of course.

Any given day on the river with Zandy is certain to include some southern hospitality, a lot of big fish (or at least big fish stories) and loads of laughs. Not to mention a little outlaw country music on the drive home.
Shaun Jeszenka
Country:United States
I will try to keep the saga of my fly fishing journey brief. I am a native Montanan. I have been a guide and or outfitter in Southwest Montana for 17 years. I have known no other form of employment in my life than guiding.

I studied journalism at the University of Montana, but soon realized that this might drastically cut into my time on the water. So, I abandoned the idea before I woke up one day with a 401k and a bunch of ties. Really my entire college experience can be characterized as something to do in the off season, where you could meet girls and drink beer. So, I am willing to be labeled a scholastic underachiever.

The people I have met, the rivers I have come to know and the fishing I have seen are more than anything I could have dreamed as a young boy.

My home in Sheridan, Montana allows myself and my clients the ability
to fish over 200 miles of water within an hours drive. The Beaverhead, Big Hole, Jefferson, Ruby and Madison Rivers provide a full menu of angling options on a daily basis. The brawling freestones, subtle tailwaters, spring creeks and hawg filled stillwaters provide a need for a wide variety of techniques and equipment.

In such varied conditions I trust only Scott rods. Some rods cast great in fly shop parking lots. Scott rods not only cast like a dream, they fish well on the water, where it counts. This year I'm fishing with the S4 905/4, S4 956/4, and the T2H 1357/4.

Winters will find me guiding and fishing the Rio Grande, in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. My entire life I have found nothing more beautiful than a big brown trout and the river. Its monster sea trout are completely magical.

I guess that I have never outgrown the whole catching big ones thing. Last year I fished my 1458 T2H about fifty days on the Rio Grande. After casting virtually every two-handed rod made, I concluded that the T2H is the finest rod I have fished - it's powerful yet forgiving, well balanced, and versatile.
Kevin Feenstra
Country:United States
Web Address:
Kevin grew up in West Michigan, and has been fly fishing since age 11. As a kid, he fished every spare day. He figures that he's been guiding for most of his life, but the guide fees have only been collected for the last 9 years.

Kevin's original flies are frequently published in magazines, fly tying manuals, and fishing books. He spends approximately 275 days a year on the water, of which about 200 are guiding days. His home river is the Muskegon.

The Muskegon is a diverse river and Kevin guides for migratory fish, such as steelhead, salmon, and lake run brown trout. His specialty is swinging flies and streamer fishing for the migratory fish; He has quite a few unique streamer patterns which are effective for this style of fishing.

Kevin also guides for cold water resident fish, such as rainbow and brown trout. When the water warms, Kevin floats for smallmouth bass to extend his fishing season.

In his free time Kevin enjoys fly fishing throughout the Midwest (and wherever else he can afford to go). He promises to venture west to Colorado soon...

Without a doubt, Kevin is the man on the Muskegon. He runs a fantastic guide service with several other energetic, and talented guides.
Russ Maddin
City:Traverse City
Country:United States
Russ Madddin has been guiding in Northern Michigan for
over 11 years and lives in Traverse City, Michigna with his
wife Jody and two daughters.

Russ is on the water 225 days a year and tries to ice
fish as much as possible. Not bad for a father of

Russ is known for his paradigm breaking techniques and
cutting edge flies which are now widely used in his
home state of Michigan and throughout the Midwest.
Over his career he has been in about every major Fly
Fishing publication.

The Manistee River is Russ' home river with the
Betsie taking up his Salmon and Steelhead season's.
With miles of Lake Michigan coastline and several
major inland lakes and secondary rivers like the
Boardman there is no shortage of fishing opportunities
in his hometown.

His favorite Scott rods: G2 906/4 and S4 907/4
Captain Brian Meszaros
Country:United States
Capt. Brian served with 7th Group Special Forces and is a current USCG licensed Captain and Paramedic. Capt. Brian began guiding and conducting seminars in 1992. Being an innovator in the sport, he became the original fly fishing guide on Lake St. Clair developing the St. Clair Slam, and tactics and techniques in the pursuit of warm water species of the region.

Capt. Brian regularly speaks at shows all across the Midwest. He has appeared in multiple fly fishing periodicals and television shows. Recently he was honored as 1 of the top 100 fly fishing destinations in the world by American Angler Magazine.

Capt. Brian spends 200 days a year guiding, and another 50 days on the water pursuing beautifully feathered waterfowl that migrate via the Great Lakes flyway.
Karl Weixlman
Country:United States
Karl is going on his tenth year as a full time fly fishing guide on Lake Erie tributaries for steelhead and lake run brown trout. He also guides for smallmouth, largemouth and northern pike on beautiful Presque Isle Bay in Erie, Pennsylvania. His fly patterns have been featured in Steelhead Guide, Fly Fisherman, and upcoming books by Bob Clouser. He is a guest columnist for the Erie Times News with articles published in Fly Fisherman, Pennsylvania Angler and Northwest Pennsylvania Outdoors

His first article was published in Fly Fisherman this past July about Hexagenia resurgence on Lake Erie and have an upcoming feature Presque Isle Paradise: Fly Fishing the Flats in Freshwater and Allegheny Trout coming out soon in the magazine.
Rick Kustich
City:Grand Island
State:New York
Country:United States
Rick Kustich has been an angler almost all his life. It has been reported that in his pre-school years he was seen fishing the ditch in the front yard of his home after heavy spring rains. This love for fishing has evolved into an avid pursuit with rod and fly for just about anything with scales and fins. Rick is a regular contributor to both national and regional fly fishing publications. He has authored four books including the acclaimed Fly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead which is co-authored with his brother Jerry and recently introduced his first DVD. For nearly ten years Rick owned and operated the Oak Orchard Fly Shop in Williamsville, New York and currently is owner and operator of West River Publishing. He lives on the banks of the Niagara River in Grand Island, New York.
Harrison Steeves
Country:United States
Harrison Steeves has been a trout fishing institution for almost 50 years. His love of fishing is matched only by his love of fly tying. He has published several books and articles on this subject, including his most recent work, Terrestrials (with Ed Koch). Harrison is a fly designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants, and a regular on the fishing show circuit. A professional guide for over 15 years, he now teaches an array of casting and fishing schools throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.
Dusty Wissmath
Country:United States
Dusty Wissmath is a widely repected fly casting instructor who learned to fish in the West and now teaches his art in the East. In 1996 he founded the Dusty Wissmath Fly Fishing School & Guide Service in the mountains near Mercersburg, PA where it quickly earned a reputation as a professional, yet easy going fly fishing school. As well as directing his own school, he is an instructor at the Wulff School of Fly Fishing and served as the lead instructor at L.L. Bean's Fly Fishing School in Virginia.

Dusty grew up in Missouri, started fly fishing when he was eight years old, and spent his formative years highly distracted by the sport. He began guiding and teaching fly fishing in the early seventies while working on a degree in Wildlife Biology at the University of Wyoming. Living in Jackson after graduate school, he tied commercially for High Country Flies and guided the Snake, Green and New Fork Rivers and in Yellowstone National Park.

Dusty is one of the best, most personable instuctors on the Scott Pro Staff. His schools are scheduled April through October and he guides a host of trout and smallmouth bass waters in the Mid-Atlantic region, including the limestone spring creeks of the Shenandoah and Cumberland valleys and the freestone streams of the Blue Ridge Mountains. He is also a licensed Montana guide and guides the Ruby, Madison, Beaverhead and Big Hole in July and August. He is a member of the Board of Governors of the Federation of Fly Fishers Guides Association.
Captain Bryan DiLeo
State:New Jersey
Country:United States
Capt. Bryan DiLeo of the Iowa Fortune Guide Service brings to the boat 25 years fishing experience and 8 years as a full time professional guide from both the home waters of Southern New Jersey to the flats in the lower keys. Whether sight fishing for Striped Bass on the shallow water flats or probing deeper structure, a day on the water is far more than just a fishing trip. Both day and night trips are lessons in techniques, and strategies of nontraditional methods not often associated with Striped Bass fishing in Southern New Jersey. The service focuses on three specific techniques: back country, night fishing, and the much sought after sight fishing for Bass on the flats. Each one is unique in terms of setting and the techniques involved, and all present a new set of challenges for both fly fishermen and light tackle anglers alike.

Bryan guides the Southern New Jersey waters from Atlantic City to Cape May. Striped Bass season runs from April through November, but it does have its variations. During the winter Bryan continues guiding in the lower Florida Keys for tarpon, permit, and bonefish.
Rachel Finn
State:New York
Country:United States
Rachel Finn lives in the Adirondack Mountains of New York and guides the famed Ausable River. You will also find her on many of the lesser known streams and ponds in the area.

During the summer months, Rachel guides float trips in Alaska for big rainbows, salmon and char. On her time off she takes her own fishing adventures to destinations like Argentina and Andros Island in the Bahamas for big tailing bonefish.

Fish bum? You bet. But Rachel is also an artist with a Masters in Fine Arts from Yale University. Spend a day on the water with her to hone your fishing skills or discuss what the heck those Neo-expressionists were all about in the first place.
Captain Jeff Becker
City:Pt. Jefferson Station
State:New York
Country:United States
Capt. Jeff Becker fishes the North Fork of Long Island. This is a much more intimate and secluded fishery than the more well known waters around Montauk.
Jeff spends time fishing highly productive structure rather than running and gunning to the hotspot de jour. This approach, along with 20 years of exploration and fishing experience has made Jeff a master of these waters. They are as much a part of him as the back of his hand.

He targets stripers and bluefish May through November, some bonita in August and September, and arm burning albies in September and October.
Jeff loves to share his knowledge of the area with his clients and gets true satisfaction from introducing them to this rich marine experience.

While Captain Becker works from his base in Long Island, his personal fishing takes him to the trout streams of the Catskills and most frequently to the Florida Keys and Bahamas. Jeff loves the challenge of big downtown Islamorada bonefish, and he has extensively explored the carribean to develop his own list of little known bonefish honey holes.
Captain Joe LeClair
Country:United States
Captain Joe LeClair fishes for Striped Bass and Bluefish in the waters along the Elizabeth Islands and Marthas Vineyard in a 22 foot Catamaran and lives in the coastal town of Marion, Massachusetts.

While growing up along the coast of New England, Joe fished with his father for Stripers and Blues and quickly fell in love with the challenge of saltwater fly fishing. He has developed techniques to help target Large Stripers on the fly and uses 10, 11 and 12 weight fly rods to catch giant bass consistently.
In the summer months as the water warms along the coast of Southern New England Joe heads offshore, running a 33 foot World Cat in search of larger game. Joe is pioneering methods to catch Tuna on the fly, and this pursuit has gained him recognition in New England where traditional tuna techniques have been the norm.

Joe targets fish up to 200 lbs. on the fly and light tackle spinning gear and these awesome creatures will sometimes battle an expert angler for over three hours. This type of fishing requires casting skill, practice and good physical conditioning. These fish are targeted with 12,13, and 14 weight fly rods.

During the winter months Joe and his family move to Boca Grande, Florida. He guides the waters around Boca Grande and will sometimes travel deep into the Everglades to target fish on the fly. Primarily he fishes for Snook, Redfish, and Tarpon.

Boating safety, preparation, and knowledge are all important to Joe but the most important thing of all is having fun.
Rob Lewis
State:New York
Country:United States
Web Address:
Robert Lewis has turned tying flies into much more than a hobby. Robert incorporates many different materials that keep the trout interested in his flies. This lead him to design flies for numerous fly shops, and Robert now is a contract designer for The Pacific Fly Group based in Monrovia, CA.

Robert is known on the famous Beaverkill, Willoweemoc and Croton Watershed systems as, Big Daddy Rob, because he is the first guide to give away the secret fly he is catching big trout on.

Robert is a dedicated instructor. It is in Robert's nature to assist and teach someone what to use, how to use it and the best time to maximize their results, regardless of experience or age. He is also known for creating innovative, original bugs not to be found anywhere else. On many afternoons, you’ll find him at home tying flies when not guiding clients on local or Catskill rivers.

Robert is also an instructor for Croton Chapter Trout Unlimited (TU), Rockefeller State Park fly tying program, local hunting and fishing clubs, and local schools.

Robert Lewis is featured in the 2003 Pacific Fly Group, volume 9, page 55.
The Record Review says Robert Lewis is Westchester Countys hardest working River Guide. Robert is also a contributing editor of Fly Fish New England magazine and a featured Tyer in, Guide Flies, by David Klausmeyer (country man press).

Robert is currently working with his partner Steve Bauer in creating Robs Realistics, a company specializing in ultra realistic flies and unbelievable trips caught on video.
Captain Dino
City:Palm Beach
Country:United States
Capt. Dino fishes the inshore and offshore waters of Palm Beach Florida out of a 25 foot Contender or an 18 foot Actioncraft Skiff
Growing up in New York, Dino was introduced to fly fishing by his Dad, fishing for trout and steelhead. Living so close to the salt, he decided to give it a try and was addicted to it. After spending a lot of time in the winter in Jupiter Florida, he decided it was time to relocate to the sunshine state.
Dino has been featured in numerous magazines, books, CNN, and the Outdoor Channel's Familiar Water's
Dino fishes the offshore waters of Palm Beach for seasonal Dolphin, King Mackrel, Cobia, and False Albacore. The seasonal inshore for Spanish Mackrel, Bluefish, Jack Crevale, and Spinner Sharks. Summertime along the beaches can produce Tarpon and big Snook migrating up the coast. Dino also fishes the evenings year round for dock light Snook.
Bob Quigley
Country:United States
I started fishing at a very young age with my dad, exploring the costal mountains surrounding the Santa Clara Valley, fifty miles south of San Francisco. Family vacations and weekends were spent outdoors, where fascination with natures creatures captured my constant attention. At the ripe old age of ten, much to the relief of my two sisters, my passion for tying flies over showed my interests in collecting lizards and spiders. My mom, a creative, artistic woman was always very supportive and interested in my fly fishing destinations. I started selling flies at fourteen and was able to spend most of the summer months trout fishing in Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

Upon graduating from high school, I enrolled in fisheries biology at Humbolt State University. Spending three years attending classes and fishing the surrounding northern California coastal steelhead streams furthered my fishing knowledge and experiences. During one summer break, a long-time fishing friend approached my about tying some flies for Fall River and Hat Creek. I was teaching fly-tying classes at a local fly shop, and was glad to oblige him. Several weeks later he returned with some very handsome photos of trophy-sized brown and rainbows. The following weekend found me pulling up to the banks of Fall River. A modest fishing lodge called Arletas. I didn not realize it at the time, but this was eventually to become my place of residence.

After several years of traveling, fishing and teaching fly-tying, I treated myself to a few weeks vacationing on Fall River, tying and fishing the local hatches. When the time came to leave this magnificent spring creek, my life long attraction for fly-fishing possessed me to stay. I arranged modest accommodations with the local lodge owner, beginning a lifetime dream of having my fly rods and tying bench only footsteps from the waters edge of the touted spring creek. I spent two year fashioning flies and exploring local waters.

Fall River Fly Shop opened the first day of trout season, 1976. I soon found myself busy guiding the many customers coming to the lodge to fish the spinner fall and hatches that existed outside my front door. Many of these clients were, you might say, a little longer in the tooth than myself, so seeing the smaller parachute patterns in size 16 and smaller was tough not only on them, but frustrating for the guides as well.

The clear, slow, placid waters of Fall River afforded trout ample time to inspect the artificial. To make matters even tougher, they had literally thousands of mayflies to choose from. If a flys wing were not perfectly matched to the naturals, the trout would pay no attention to it. After various experiments, I started tying just the outline of the wing with poly yarn another materials consequently naming the pattern a Looping Paradun. It worked many times preferring it over the naturals. The success of this pattern spread-soon anglers were traveling great distances just to purchase a handful of these flies.

Spring creek fishing and flies became increasingly popular, as did the discussions of the days frustrations when patters didn not produce. It became apparent the emerging stages of mayfly hatches produced finicky trout. Guides and clients became increasingly frustrated at large trout refusing their offerings, while gluttonously stuffing themselves on emerging duns. This hunted me for several years, until I realized the trout were taking a combination of one-half nymph and one-half dun. In 1978 I fashioned a fly to imitate this stage, and called it a Quigley Cripple. It was an instant killer on Fall River and Hat Creek, and is a standard in the fly world today, twenty-five years later. There is now a new version of the pattern – a split-wing rendition I call a Fluttering Quigley Cripple.

The intriguing aspect of fly-fishing is that we are always learning-we never have all the answers all the time. This attraction keeps us keen and always learning-we never have all the answers all the time. This attraction keeps us keen and always ready to return with enthusiasm to our support. This challenge has inspired me to continue developing patters over the years. Paranymphs and the new Hackle Stacker series of flies have been added to an ever increasing list of flies that I now market through Idylwilde Fly Company. Along with developing flies for fisherman, I presently conduct tying seminars and slide lectures about my years on innovating patterns and traveling. I now live in Ashland, Oregon and spend considerable time steelhead fishing. I am also marketing a new Artistic, photo-imaging, life-like duplication of framed flies tied by Paul Miller and myself. These creative fly displays adorn interior design themes of individual homes, lodges, businesses, hotels and restaurants.

Even though I no longer live on Fall River, I still return to experience and learn from the challenging hatches and educated trout that inhabit this pristine spring creek.

Upcoming articles:
Look for two articles in the spring in Fly Fisherman Magazine and Northwest fly fishing profile on his tying years.
Jim Kerr
City:Port Townsend
Country:United States
If you are heading out to Western Washington please give me a call. There is a lot going on here, between Salmon, steelhead and trout, fresh water and salt, we have a 12-month of the year season. I will be glad to help point you in the right direction.
For more than ten years the bulk of my guide rods have been Scott, which is kind of amazing when I think of all the different kinds of fishing I do. Its great to work with a company who makes the perfect rod for fishing for cutthroat trout in the salt water, a great rod for dry fly fishing for summer steelhead, as well as a spey rod that will cast big flies and giant sink tips.
Since I have been invited to join the Scott pro staff things have only gotten better. Now I have the opportunity to fish all the rods, not just cast them but to see how they handle fish, mend, and see how clients respond to them, get a real look at which rods perform best under which situations. It’s made my boat a better place to fish from.
I have been fishing, and fly fishing all my life. Before I began guiding I was deck handing, commercial fishing or working as a dishwasher/ditch digger to support my coast-to-coast fish bumming. I love to guide big tough fish, which means a lot of teaching. Many of my best clients have been joining me season after season for a decade or more and I have had the great experience of watching them go from wide eyed beginners to cold blooded steelhead hunting machines. Some of these folks have become scary good. How great is that, to start a day of steel heading thinking “Wow, I feel bad for the fish today”
I love my job.
Thanks again Scott Fly Rods
Robert DeAngelis
Country:United States
Robert DeAngelis has been trying to scare up bluegill on a fly rod since the late 1980s on farm ponds in central Kentucky. In the years since, hes focused his fly fishing energies on locations such as DePuys Spring Creek, the Yellowstone River (pictured with his new Montana Boatbuilders skiff) and Florida Keys. From farm ponds to the Florida Keys, Roberts knowledge, skill and passion for fly fishing has never diminished, and today he is a renowned instructor for the sport.

Since 2000, Robert has provided fly casting instruction for established schools, in private lessons and with Boy Scout Leaders. He is currently associated with the Wulff School of Fly Fishing in Livingston Manor, New York and active in Powderhorn Programs within the Boy Scouts Lincoln Heritage and Shawnee Trace Councils.

Robert has also been associated as an instructor with the LL Bean Outdoor Discovery Schools Fly Fishing School in Virginia, Dusty Wissmath Fly Fishing School in Pennsylvania, Little River Outfitters in Tennessee and Parallel 38 Schools in Kentucky.

Additionally, Robert enjoys visiting Scott dealers throughout the middle-South, offering product demos and casting programs at shops such as Fly & Shot (Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky), Fly South (Nashville, TN), Wildcat Outfitters (Lafayette, IN), and Parallel 38 (Louisville, KY).

In 2006, Robert co-led a casting instructor workshop at the Federation of Fly Fishers Conclave (2006) in Bozeman, Montana. Robert is a Life Member of the Federation and is also an FFF Certified Casting Instructor. He has fished and led trips around the country and includes among the highlights (1) two seasons living and working in Livingston, Montana where he guided as well as worked for Dan Baileys Fly Shop, (2) scouting the flats outside of Islamorada, and (3) being associated with the quality products and community of Scott Fly Rods.
Captain Eric Glass
City:South Padre Island
Country:United States
Captain Eric Glass considers himself the luckiest guy in the world to prowl the shallow clear water flats of South Texas's Laguna Madre. Captain Glass fishes these fabled waters a few hundred days each year and has been fishing the Laguna Madre for the past 15 years. Eric claims that his degree in Aquatic Biology obligates him to pester each of the other gamefish in this impressively diverse fishery. Seasonal visits are paid to the local Snook and Tarpon with summertime forays into the gulf for False Albacore, Dorado, and Cobia.

Captain Glass prefers the X2s Series as his all around choice for flats fishing in this remarkable fishery. "The X2S 907/4 generates plenty of line speed without being overly fast. This series allows you to make a stealthy presentation to early morning tailers, or cast a weighted crab or slider to afternoon cruiser."
Captain Kirby LaCour
Country:United States
Captain LaCour is a leading pioneer on an exciting frontier: Gulf Coast fly fishing for inter-tidal species. As a native of central Louisiana, fresh water was his only choice for fly fishing as a youngster. However, living in the New Orleans area since 1982, Kirby took to the brackish water fishing with such intensity that he has turned his love into his career.

Louisiana is widely known for its wonderful inland marsh fishing for redfish and speckled sea trout, but few people have discovered that this area is a tremendous fly fishing destination. When potential clients ask about the fishing, they are astounded by the list of possible species and fishing situations. Within sight of the New Orleans skyline, Captain LaCour fishes for redfish, speckled sea trout, flounder, bluegill, and largemouth bass. A fifteen minute boat ride takes you from the saltwater of the Gulf of Mexico to brackish water marshes and all the way into fresh water river systems.
Captain Ethan Wells
Country:United States
Web Address:
Ethan graduated from Texas A&M in 1994 and soon after started a guide service in South Texas. Spending time chasing the redfish and speckled trout of Texas’ flats. Since this time, Ethan expanded guiding to Florida during the winter and spring months. Constantly in search of new places to fish and sharing these opportunities with my guests, Ethan says ,”I feel that I'm truly a blessed person, in the fact that I have been given the opportunity to call fishing my profession. I entered into guiding because I love to fish. However, over the past 8 yrs I have learned that it's the guiding of other fisherman that is my true passion. There is something special about the relationship that form between a guide and their guest, similar to a coach and his players.”
Visit Ethan’s website at for more information Texas redfishing.
Captain Seth Vernon
State:North Carolina
Country:United States
Web Address:
Captain Seth Vernon is a full-time professional fly fishing guide with a passion for shallow water sight fishing for red drum. When not teaching private fly casting instruction, rigging, tying custom flies or doing research on the water he will be somewhere photographing or writing about the next great angling adventure.
Captain Seth has guided in Alaska at Mission Lodge, Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina for Foscoe Fishing Co. and spent ample time fishing the rivers of the Rocky Mountain west, the backwaters of the Everglades and Ascension Bay in the Yucatan of Mexico. When you speak with Captain Seth about fishing you know right away he has paid his dues. If you are looking for a guide with tons of enthusiasm and a passion for teaching new ways to catch fish then do not hesitate to call him up to book a trip, order some custom flies or just get the skinny on the local North Carolina fishing scene, he will be glad you called...
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