Isn’t it time your rod did more for you?

Introducing the all new Scott Flex series, rods so light, effortless, and forgiving, they let you focus on fishing better.

Flex rods generate line speed and tight loops effortlessly, helping you cast accurately and control your presentations. And, their powerful butt sections help with quick, positive hook sets and fish control.

Incorporating many of the innovations found in our award winning Radian and Meridian rods, Flex rods combine high performance with top quality components. And, each Flex rod is handcrafted, start to finish, in our shop in Montrose, Colorado.

Fish better….fish the rod that works hard for you.

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X-Core Technology

Enhanced feel, incredible stability, and unequalled performance. X-Core combines the industry’s most advanced composite technologies with cutting-edge design.

Multi-Modulus Design

Fine-tuned flex and recovery.


Advanced Reinforced Carbon reduces torque and increases strength.

Handcrafted in the USA

Built from beginning to end in Montrose, Colorado.

Flex Profile

Recovery Speed


Sleeve Ferrule

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Grip Style A

Grip Style B

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Model Line Length Grip Price
4 piece rods
753/437' 6"A$475
804/448' 0"A$475
854/448' 6"A$475
904/449' 0"A$475
855/458' 6"A$475
905/459' 0"A$475
Model Line Length Grip Price
4 piece rods
906/469' 0"A$475
907/479' 0"B$475
908/489' 0"B$475
955/459' 6"B$475
956/469' 6"B$475
Model Line Length Grip Price
4 piece rods
1004/4410' 0"A$475
1005/4510' 0"A$475
1006/4610' 0"B$475
1007/4710' 0"B$475
1008/4810' 0"B$475