For anyway you prefer

To catch steelhead and salmon, you need to swim the fly at the right angle, the right depth, and the right speed. The right rod can help solve that puzzle.

But these are the fish of a thousand casts, so preferences also play a big role. You can fish the same fish in the same water with a single hander, a short two hander, or the very longest rods. You can fish floating line, sinking line, dry flies, wet flies, traditional swing, riffle hitch, nymph and indicator. Long belly, Skagit, Scandi. The variations are endless. We get it, so we made a series of rods that satisfy your every preference.

Swing rods were meticulously developed and are loaded with technology and attention to detail to meet those demands.

Fished and tested by professional anglers and expert casters from Alaska to the Great Lakes, from Canada to Norway, and from the Pacific Northwest to the Northeast, we left no stone unturned making sure each rod was fine-tuned for its intended purpose.

Swing rods feature progressive loading actions, fast recovery speed, directional stability, and a light in hand feel, from combining finely tuned new tapers with our multi-directional, multi-modulus layups, ARC2 reinforcement, Carbon Link resin system, and the very finest components.

Breakthrough components include new titanium tangle-free stripping guides with Silicon Nitride inserts that allow casts to shoot further and help prevent tangles in mono or braid running lines. Snake Brand Universal snake guides grace the rest of the rod to round out the guide set.

We also designed a new fully milled aluminum reel seat with aggressive threads for operating with cold hands, type 3 hard coat, and specially milled reel foot pockets that securely hold current performance reels and most vintage reel feet. All new front and rear grip designs turned from Flor grade cork ensure comfort, feel, and longevity.

Like all Scott fly rods, Swing rods are hand-crafted, one at a time, in Montrose, Colorado.


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Sleeve Ferrule


Medium Fast


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Model Line Length Grip Price Pieces Weight Recomendations
4 piece rods
SW987479' 8"$10954Light 180, Heavy 240
SW988489' 8"$10954Light 210, Heavy 280
SW11844411' 8"$13954Light 270, Heavy 325
SW11864611' 8"$13954Light 375, Heavy 450
SW12864612' 8"$13954Light 375, Heavy 450
SW12874712' 8"$13954Light 450, Heavy 525
SW12884812' 8"$13954Light 525, Heavy 575
SW1281041012' 8"$13954Light 650, Heavy 725
SW13874713' 8"$14954Light 450, Heavy 525
SW13894913' 8"$14954Light 575, Heavy 650
SW1481041014' 8"$14954Light 650, Heavy 725
SW14194914' 1"$14954Light 575, Heavy 650
SW1511041015' 1"$14954Light 650, Heavy 725
SW1611041016' 1"$14954Light 650, Heavy 725