designed with purpose, handcrafted from scratch

Every single Scott rod has been built from scratch, right here in the USA - for over 40 years.

And we're very, very proud of that – but that alone, doesn’t make our fly rods exceptional.

Frankly, it kinda feels like the ‘handcrafted’ term is thrown around pretty loosely these days – and simply combining ingredients to build a fly rod, ‘handcrafted’ or not, doesn’t matter a lick if you don’t have the right recipe – it’s the design that’s paramount.

Our dedication to a legacy of revolutionary fly rod design, and award winning innovation, is what sets us apart.

It all starts with a defined purpose - What is this rod going to do? And with that goal, we then carefully blend (by hand, of course) the perfect proportions of technology, art, physics, and instinct – using the finest ingredients available – and top it all off with a slab of pride.

The result? The Ultimate Fishing Tool.

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