designed with purpose, handcrafted from scratch

Every single Scott rod has been handcrafted from scratch, right in our shop- for over 45 years - and that’s something we’re very, very proud of. But that alone doesn’t make our fly rods exceptional.

Frankly, it’s starting to feel like the term ‘handcrafted’ is being thrown around a little loosely these days. Simply combining ingredients to build a fly rod, ‘handcrafted’ or not, doesn’t matter a lick if you don’t have the right recipe – it’s the design that’s paramount.

It’s our dedication to a legacy of fly rod design and award-winning innovation that sets us apart.

It all starts with a defined purpose – what’s this rod going to do? Then we carefully blend (by hand, of course) the perfect proportions of technology, art, engineering, and instinct using only the best ingredients available. To finish, we top it all off with a big slab of pride. And, it doesn’t hurt that we’ve got 45 years of experience practicing our craft.

The result? The Ultimate Fishing Tools.

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