Our team designed and crafted a series of rods to help you get the most from your time on the water-the most success, and the most enjoyment.

Session rods are high-performance hand-crafted fly rods that blend some of our most acclaimed design approaches with our latest materials and technologies.

This combination creates rods that bring together high line speed and exceptional loop control with a light and lively feel in the hand. These traits have become known as Scott’s signature fast with feel action.

Session rods are finished with a new grip design, and custom machined aluminum reel seats featuring dyed box elder wood inserts. They also feature Silicon Nitride stripping guides and low glare light wire snake guides for a premium component package that’s a perfect match to the high- performance blanks.

All of that gives Session rods a wide bandwidth of performance for fishing at a range of distances, and for using a variety of flies and techniques with the same rod.

With their almost nothing there feel in hand combined with their easy smooth casting, Session rods pack technology loaded materials with advanced design and premium craftsmanship.

Most of all, Session rods are about having fun on the water and enjoying the rod in your hand.


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Sleeve Ferrule



Session MODELS

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Model Line Length Grip Price Pieces Weight Recomendations
4 piece rods
SE803/438' 0"$6754Recommended line weight 95-110 grains
SE854/448' 6"$6754Recommended line weight 115-130 grains
SE904/449' 0"$6754Recommended line weight 120-135 grains
SE905/459' 0"$6754Recommended line weight 140-155 grains
SE906/469' 0"$6754Recommended line weight 160-185 grains
SE907/479' 0"$6754Recommended line weight 185-210 grains
SE908/489' 0"$6754Recommended line weight 210-230 grains
SE955/459' 6"$6754Recommended line weight 140-155 grains
SE956/469' 6"$6754Recommended line weight 160-185 grains
SE1004/4410' 0"$6754Recommended line weight 120-135 grains
SE1005/4510' 0"$6754Recommended line weight 145-160 grains